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About Us

Get to know us better from founders to the whole project details.
I have been passionate about art since I was a child. As a Graphic and Web Designer, I have always been drawn to minimalist, abstract, and aesthetic forms of art. I also have a love for technology and music. My passion for art and entrepreneurship led me to start my own marketing company at the young age of 14, providing services to local businesses and online companies in the entertainment and music industries.
In 2019, I founded Calientalo Media, a well-recognized brand in the Latin music industry that specializes in music marketing, distribution, and project launches.
Why NFTs? Art is a fundamental part of my daily life, so it only made sense for me to express my love for art through NFTs.
Why Hedera Hashgraph?
I discovered Hedera Hashgraph in 2018, but only recently learned about the potential for NFTs on the platform. I was immediately drawn to its low transaction fees, environmental sustainability, and strong performance. The supportive and unique community on Hedera Hashgraph also motivates me to create more art.
Why Now?
I have spent too much time focusing on growing other people's projects and companies, and I want to refocus on my own creative pursuits.
Why BHC?
We realized that there was not a "Bored Club Community" on Hedera Hashgraph, so we decided to create one. Our name is inspired by B A Y C, with a more abstract approach.
Our mission is to empower our community through unique and expressive art. We started with a simple concept, but our plan is to evolve and expand our expression of art in multiple ways. We want to brand BHC as a central part of everyday life.
The sky is the limit for BHC. We plan to continue growing and expanding our community, offering new and exciting opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts alike.